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Event photography is a true passion for me. It’s not just about capturing beautiful images, but also about telling a story rich in emotions.

Through visual storytelling techniques, the gallery of shots will be not a simply collection of images, but a true narrative that captures intense emotions and vibrant dynamics. Through each shot, the tireless work and dedication of the organizers will shine through, bringing forth the clear and engaging message they wish to convey.

Whether it’s a workshop, a conference, a festival, or any other type of event, if you need a photography service, contact me.

This will allow you to highlight the day on which you’ve invested energy and time for its success, have a high-quality photographic reportage that will enable you to authentically and engagingly narrate the event. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to use the images to promote future events, creating a lasting bond with the audience and generating interest from the very first shots.



I shoot with discretion and sensitivity. You can forget about the photographer!


You will receive the photographs promptly, according to your urgencies and needs.


I’ll be available whenever you need, even on weekends and holidays.

  • A photographer who can make images speak, narrating delicate stories. And also a beautiful person, capable of listening attentively and magnificently translating through her shots the narrative needs of those who seek her support.
  • Cristina is an excellent and very helpful professional. We did a photo shoot for my Hatha Yoga teaching activity, with precise shots and excellent framing. A beautiful touch of faded light towards white made them perfect for my website.
    Roberto Polesel |
    Roberto Polesel |
    Hatha Yoga Teacher
  • Dynamic, attentive to customer needs, highly knowledgeable, and super efficient!
    Enzo Latona
    Enzo Latona
    Manager of
  • A competent and reliable professional, capable of listening to the diverse needs of a business while also guiding those who are not familiar with the world of marketing. Lastly, on a personal level, a great person to work with, making it a pleasure!
    Pierre Vezzoli
    Pierre Vezzoli
  • I have collaborated as a filmmaker on many projects with Cristina. She is a unique professional, with creativity and sensitivity like few others, and she shows great project management skills and punctuality in deliveries. I highly recommend all her services.
    Alessio Consoli
    Alessio Consoli


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